Thursday, November 30, 2006

Britain to U.S.: Rape and Assault Increases Show We're More Civil Than You

Actually, it wasn't the whole of Britain or Australia or any of the realm actually that said this. The true teller of the tale is Rebecca Peters, director of the International Action Network on Small Arms.

“Those two campaigns have now come together to bring the strength of both communities, the disarmament community, and the women’s rights communities together in order to stop armed violence against women, recognizing that the disarmament conversation, too often does not involve women, and that the women’s rights movement has too often not realized the importance of taking away the weapons.”

She goes on to describe how her collection of "civil society organizations" are allowing women to live in a civil society by helping to ensure that they have no way to defend themselves.

Howard Nemerov in his wonderful article has done the math in a spectacularly plain way.

By 2005, the rate of sexual assault in Australia increased 36% from its pre-ban 1995 rate, while the U.S. rate decreased 14.6%. Women are now raped over three times as often in Australia as they are in the United States.

The rate of sexual crimes against women in the UK increased 63.0% since pre-ban 1995.[5] Women are raped and sexually assaulted nearly twice as often in the UK as the U.S. Meanwhile, British police ignore Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of “civil,” as in: “orderly; well-governed.”[6] The detection rate for sexual offenses dropped from 39% in 2003-2004 to 34% in 2004-2005, indicating poor governance: a 13% lower efficiency by police in bringing perpetrators to justice.

Well, at the very least, though they may be assaulted, raped or dead, at the very least they can "be British" knowing that at least groups like Ms. Peters' have eradicated guns in their country, well except of course the guns the criminals are using. It turns out that criminals don't play fair and smuggle illegal weapons into the country to keep committing their crimes. Bad cricket old sports...Or, it could be that groups like Ms. Peters' are fascist, power-hungry and couldn't care an iota about the safety of one woman if it means they'll get the power they crave.

One could argue that it is insanity to insist upon a certain course even though the known quantity of that course is failure and death. Even as these advocacy groups try to spread their tendrils through the United Nations into the few remaining free nations (including ours), they willfully ignore these facts and assume that next time it'll be perfect. The next time, it'll work. The next time, their Chutes & Ladders Candyland world will emerge with them at the helm and all of us signing their praises. I think I found out why these sorts of folks aren't willing to bash Mohammed or radical fundamentalist Islam. Something to do with sharks and lawyers.

Their one overriding goal is to eventually limit your freedom and mine. That's all people like that want. They don't want anything "for the children". They want raw power and they'll squash any pathetic liberty or citizenry brazen enough to stand in their way, that is, unless we stop them cold and kick them back across the ocean to the lunatic asylum that is Western Europe. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


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