Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Tone In Washington Says We Should Kiss Thugs And Flog Friends

Well, now that the news media is the official policy arm of the Democrats, it's nice to see all the punditry out there as well as several members of Congress saying that a) we have to play nice with the Syrians and Iranians and b) spank the Israelis for being big bad meanies.

The prime example has to be the media's new love affair with former President Jimmy Carter. The man was a failure of a President and was not only paralyzed by an inability to deal with the Islamic radicals that took over Iran in '79, but who by his own admission was caught unawares by something he thought inconceivable, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. It is from Carter's presidency that we have his legacy of Stagflation economics. And yet, here is Blitzer interviewing him with the reverence usually reserved for a Clinton.

Carter seems to challenge what we actually know of Clinton's attempt to get Israel to acceed to the Palestinian's demand for territory only to both be rebuffed by the terrorist Arafat to tell all of us that that is wrong. We apparently will find in Carter's new book that Arafat actually wanted nothing but peace and love until those dirty Jews lied and said he rebuffed their peace offer. Oh, and Clinton didn't lie about anything else, but apparently he did lie about this. Again, I'm sure Carter will make sure we realize it was only the Jews that made him do it through their seductress and stereotypical "Jewish Princess" Monica Lewinsky.

I like writing conspiracy theories. They're effortless, take nothing to prove, and actually are just as entertaining if not moreso than Carter's historical rewrite.

Why couldn't he just stay on the peanut farm and occasionally build a home for Habitat for Humanity? At least there he was actually doing America some good.

As if President Carter being trotted as a the conscience of diplomacy isn't pure comedy (Orwell is just spinning like a jet turbine, I'm telling you) the recent spate of genuflections toward the terrorist regimes of Syria and Iran by the Left border on being the Rosetta Stone of why "Peace In Our Time" isn't just your grandpa's surrender slogan anymore. It's bad enough that "experts" are being dragged out to let us know we need to talk with the outlaw regimes of Iran and Syria, but now we are having it spoon fed to us daily that the "Iraq Study Group", a haven for leftists, "moderate" to liberal Democrats and country club Republicans who know foreign policy much better than us plebs thinks it could be a good idea as well.

I'd love it if someone could explain to me the benefit of this course of action. How does speaking with two countries that have American blood on their hands and a desire to have even more, especially more Israeli blood on their hands, and sit down at a table to "talk peace" with them. I don't know if that's or Ahmadinejad's "Letter to America" and it's Marxist-Islamist psycho babble is more ridiculous or less worthy of our taking it seriously.

On top of that, we simultaneously hear that Israel must play nice and give into the demands of the Palestinians. The madness of this is that somehow it's been the Israeli's who have been causing all this trouble for the last sixty years. Sort of like us selfish Americans refusing to roll over and die so the U.S.S.R. could run the world. The nerve of some countries.

I think I'd like to understand the logic of someone who believed these things, if there was any actual logic to it. If I have to listen to one more moral equivalency argument or a "who really knows who started things argument, I do believe I'll hurl. The Iranian and Syrian governments, Hezbollah, Hamas and most of the Palestinian leadership share in common the belief that Christian America and predominantly Jewish Israel need to just whither and die. They believed it before the U.S. supported Israel of Americans and they believed it of Jews before the U.N. formed the state of Israel. It's just a matter of making up ridiculous excuses, a task at which they excel.

To meet with a criminal on equal terms is to legitimate that criminal. To negotiate from a position of weakness shows you are weak and to treat our allies like enemies is to invite our real enemies to hover at our back, knife poised. My response to the idea of treating with such thugs is that I'll see them in Hell first.


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