Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Are There No Prisons?

It should surprise no one that the alleged “culture of corruption” the Democrats spent the last several months beating the drums about extended to their side of the aisle as well. Well, it should surprise no one whose sole source of news wasn’t the antique media. To hear Brian Williams, Matt Lauer, Andrea Mitchell and like-minded empty suits, the Republicans were the only ones touched by the evil of criminal wrong-doing. As we see, if you have a capitol in a swamp, you breed a lot of vermin and it doesn’t matter if there’s an R or D after their name.

First and foremost, of course, there was William Jefferson, the corrupt bribe-taking Congressman from Louisiana. His stink was so bad, even the see-no-Democrat-evil media had to notice. Amazingly, he still has his seat in Congress and his party has not called for him to step down. I wonder if his lawyers are still trying to find a way for him to keep the $90,000 in bribe money he took from the federal sting operation that busted him.

Then there was ABSCAM Jack Murtha, a man who through sheer luck was not indicted almost three decades ago when several members of Congress (mostly Democrats, not surprisingly) were caught in a sting accepting bribe money. Jack survived as an unindicted co-conspirator by chance. See, the Speaker of the House at the time, Tip O’Neil, was also looking to be caught up in the same scandal, but a quick appointment to the right committee of someone who owed Tip a favor got the investigation into his office and Jack Murtha’s (who was next on the list) killed. So, Jack was not fully investigated, but the FBI still wasn’t letting him go without a label, hence “unindicted” co-conspirator.

The media seemed to forget about old Jackie, focusing only on his service in the military as they used him as a bludgeon to take on the President’s war strategy. His ABSCAM link only surfaced AFTER the election among the antiques when it was apparent Nancy Pelosi was going to back him as new Majority Leader. The antiques weren’t too crazy about that, so all of a sudden he’s damaged goods. Sorry Jackie, maybe next time.

Then Nancy “I’m going to rid Congress of Corruption” Pelosi pushed to get Alcee Hastings, one of the few federal judges in history to be impeached (his conviction still stands, by the way) on charges again of bribery and tampering with evidence, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. You have to have a security clearance to take a leak at the Pentagon, and here the new Speaker was seriously considering giving access to the nation’s most sensitive secrets a man who had already proven to be easily corruptible and very willing to take a bribe. Why not just truck the whole of the file system of our intelligence services over to the New York Times and Al-Jazeera and get it over with? A diligent new media made sure Alcee was exposed and people were reminded of how corrupt yet another Democrat truly was. Alcee won’t be getting that Chairmanship.

Apparently, crooks are like roaches in Congress, because another one has scurried out into the light seeking a Chairmanship from Incorruptible San Fran Nan. Representative Alan Mollohan of West Virginia, a long-time Democrat Congressman (wonder if he’s attended any of Sen. Bob Byrd’s (aka Conscience of the Senate and longest serving Senator) Klan barbecue’s) is currently in line to take over the House panel that oversees the budget of the FBI. That in itself is not that remarkable until you consider that Al’s finances are being investigated by that same FBI. Sort of a proverbial fox guarding the chicken coop kind of story isn’t it? Well, that’s the Democrats for you.

When Republicans are corrupt, we can usually expose them quickly and get them out of office just as quickly. It helps that the antique’s are more than eager to pounce on any Republican who shows a character flaw, regardless of its magnitude. Most hang their heads in shame and move on and rightfully so, especially if their flaw directly impacts their ability to serve their constituents. Democrats seem like a pack of ticks. You can’t pull them loose of their seat. In cases like the Democrat candidate who lost in Katherine Harris’ old district in Florida, you can’t even seem to pry them loose even if they lost and never had the seat.

If you’re unsettled by corruption in Washington, and you voted out your Representative or Senator with that in mind, know that you just switched well-documented corrupt Congressmen for shadier corrupt Congressmen and women. Congratulations…to you.

Most of the corruption is in the true veterans of Congress, the ones who will be getting all those Chairmanships and Panel assignments. The same thing happened in ’94 when Republicans took over. Older, liberal Rockefeller Republicans from the ‘70’s took Chairmanships that had been won for them by young turk conservative Republicans. Now far left Democrats are getting those Chairmanships based on the efforts of moderate to conservative Democrats who campaigned on more accountable and conservative government all across America. Wonder when the next batch will cycle through.

My greatest concern, I suppose, is that the examples above are the ones we’ve heard about. How many are we not hearing about?

Update #1: CNS News has a good piece on this very issue.


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