Monday, January 15, 2007

The First 100 Hours of Democrat-cy

I imagine no one is surprised by the progress of the newly minted Democrat-controlled 110th Congress in pushing a liberal agenda. It's who the citizenry elected and they've done their best not to disappoint. The two big "successes" of the Democrats in their first go at the House were the passage of federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research and raising the minimum wage. Very impressive.

First, let's start with the stem cell garbage.

After years and years of promising cures for everything from Alzheimer's and male-pattern baldness, not only can't embryonic stem-cell researchers get money from the wealth of private investors out there, perhaps the reason why is that they haven't put up result ONE on any of their fabled promises. Adult and umbilical stem cells make discovery after discovery and are already being used in successful trials. Embryonic stem cell research has led to dead ends and extreme failures. Amazing that no private investor would want to put their money in that! Enter the federal government, the last resort for junk science. For years the liberals in Congress have been trying to get this schlock funded, mostly after their campaign coffers get a nice fat donation from one of the principles trying to sell this snake oil.

And now they have their foothold.

Thirty-seven Republicans joined 216 Democrats to pass the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, which would allow federal funding of research on stem cells from embryos slated for destruction at fertility clinics.

The 253 to 174 vote fell 37 votes short of what it would take to override the veto that Bush yesterday promised would be forthcoming, assuming the Senate passes the same bill, as expected. Bush vetoed the legislation after it passed last year.

Just goes to show that party affliation can't always guarantee how spineless, ill-informed, or susceptible to the almight dollar you are. It also furthers my old point that the Republican Party is NOT the conservative party. It's the party where the few conservatives who've been elected hang out.

One of those few bright spots with the President is that he might actually use that ancient and barely used veto pen to send this bill back to the trash bin where it belongs. More importantly, I'd love to see news outlets actually paint this in its real light, that of using taxpayer money for junk science because no one else will throw good cash at bad science. I've written about this ridiculous notion before. Embryonic stem cell research is a leftist political darling and as such it doesn't matter if it's as promising as the man-made global warming theory. It's theirs, they believe it, and we should spend our hard-earned money to support their quackery. At least, that's how I read it.

I don't think we're going to be as lucky on the minimum wage bill that just passed the House. The Senate will most likely clear it since it has the little nibbles they want and Bush will likely sign it. Yay for us. Naturally, Pelosi's ethically-soaked Congress missed the little provision that exempted some companies in Pelosi's district, but at least it's getting some ink now, after the fact. You'll also be hard pressed to find the major news outlets discussing arguments against the minimum wage like those of Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell or the CATO Institute. As Neal Boortz has said, we've already lost the battle on minimum wage. Its myths are go ingrained into our culture, that it would take a lot more than common sense, reasonable arguments, and historical fact to blow it out of the water.

The minimum wage increase raises wages for a small group of Americans (mostly part-timers and teenagers), aids a traditional leftist voting block , the unions, whose contracts tie their wage increases to any minimum wage increase and will result in many of those earners being laid off or to put it more bluntly fired because small businesses cannot absorb this hit to their bottom line. I'm sure, though, when these people lose their jobs, our unemployment rate increases, and business growth shrinks considerably, it will all be the Republicans' fault for running such a lousy economy. At least that's what I expect to hear out of Couric and Williams on the nightly news. I hang onto the hope that most people will see otherwise. Until that time of fantasy and legends, we'll have to continue living in the reality that is socialist America.


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