Friday, December 22, 2006

The BergerMeister MeisterBerger

I would be remiss in my posting if I did not take the time to mention the recently revealed details of the convicted felon and defiler of the National Archives, Sandy Berger. The former National Security Advisor to President Clinton was only the latest in an extremely lengthy list of felons to come out of the Clinton White House.

Of course, one of the most noticeable aspects of this latest revelation is the absolute lack of coverage by the major networks. Minimalist hardly does justice to the predigested twenty some second soundbites that ABC and CNN gave the story, but at least they covered it, unlike CBS and NBC. There's been greater back and forth when discussing what each prima Donna host had for breakfast that morning than there was over this story. FoxNews at least gave it some time.

In a nutshell, here's what we're looking at. We knew he stuffed several documents in his underwear and socks and lighted out with them from the National Archives. We also knew he cut several up and threw them in the trash can. After he was caught, he claimed first that he was just taking some documents home to review more thoroughly (without officially checking them out of the Archives - minor lapse) and later that he had "accidentally" cut them up and threw them in the trash thinking they were something else. Liar liar, pants on fire.

Now in the hindsight of that moment, after his full conviction, which was laughable in the sentencing aspect, we know a little more. He took not one copy, but five copies of one particular document. Five. That sort of screams trying to hide or destroy evidence. Willfull destruction, anyone? Then there's also the small note we now have discovered regarding him taking documents out, hiding them on a nearby construction site, then returning for more.

I must've missed where this could have been seen as innocent or minor. In the midst of all the screaming about how we needed a full and thorough documentation of who knew what and when they knew it with the 9/11 Commission, a Commission mind you that the antique media was screaming for and then cheerleading bigtime, we get a man who was closely linked to the inner circle of the previous administration and serving as advisor to another contender for the Presidency (Kerry). This guy, Sandy, who does look curiously like the BurgerMeister MeisterBurger of the old claymation Santa Claus specials, uses his security clearance as one of the highest remaining Clinton appointees not convicted of a felony and infiltrates the National Archives. There he proceeds to find certain documents that he especially would know could be damning of his former President. He then steals these historical documents in a premeditated fashion (you can't say it's an act of passion if you come back for more). Lastly, he destroys all these documents and lies about it until confronted with overwhelming evidence.

Did I miss anything? And this isn't worthy of a few stories. The Mark Foley pedo story generated hundreds of runs in the morning and nightly news shows, and the guy wasn't even convicted of anything, other than being a huge perv. Another guy steals critical intelligence documents that directly address his side's (the Left's) biggest beef over how 9/11 was allowed to happen, gets convicted, astonishing details come out about how he did it and we don't even get a yawn.

If you can figure that one out, let me know, because right now I'm at a loss.

What probably galls me the most is that in his sentencing, he was only banned from access to classified documents for THREE years! Three years! Did I say he could go back to the scene of the crime and easily do it again in THREE years?!!! Why don't we just purpose-build a time machine just for Sandy, give him some matches, and send him back to the Great Library at Alexandria? While we're at it, see if we can send him back to 1776 so that he can use the Declaration of Independence as a dinner napkin. Don't forget to get all the copies, Sandy!

Truthfully, if he destroyed those documents, what's next? And why do we let people like that near our national treasures? The man deserved to be marched out into the National Mall and stood up before a firing squad. All he got was a ridiculously small fine and a minor slap on the artist. Where are our priorities in this country?

Washington felons always seem to have an easy time of it, though. They get convicted and then go on the lecture circuit. I wonder what Sandy will lecture about? Boxers or Briefs when stealing incriminating memos? Tube socks or dress socks? Does one wear wingtips or high tops for best concealment? Yes, these topics and many many more will grace the marquees of colleges and think tanks across the land as Sandy gets away with his morally and criminally repugnant crime. Justice is not only blind, it would seem her book was taken and cut up as well.


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